The Unique Method that Exactly Translates Dream Messages – Mental Health for Life

In my 20 years of research into my own and my patients’ dreams, I have learned that there are many cures that do not work.

Thanks to the interpretation of a patient’s dreams or of my own dreams, which has given me information about the psychical condition of the patients that didn’t relate their dreams because their mental illness was too heavy and they didn’t cooperate with me for their psychotherapy, I declare that the unique method that exactly translates the dream messages reveals to the world the existence of:

1. A wise conscience that doesn’t belong to the human being. It is responsible for the functioning of his body and is constantly trying to protect him from the attacks of the wild anti-conscience.

2. A very violent and cruel wild conscience that is constantly trying to invade the human part of the conscience in order to destroy it through craziness.

3. An absurd human conscience based in only one psychological function that cannot accept what is different from it and is led by the ego, the most absurd part of the human conscience.

The ego is crazy, totally selfish and futile. It obliges the human being to do the most horrible things in order to posses what he desires.

However, after all the mistakes and crimes he makes pursuing the person, the social position, or the financial independence, etc. that he desires, he can only sink into the worst despair when he finds that his desires cannot be ever fulfilled.

He is then dominated by the craziness accumulated in the wild part of his conscience, which then completely invades and destroys the human part.

This is the tragic truth I discovered in 1989, after continuing the dangerous research that Carl Jung abandoned into the unknown region of the psyche, through dream interpretation.

I had started writing my book in February of 1988 with my only intention being to prove, with my examples and my scientific research, relating several discoveries that confirmed Jung’s theory, that he was the only one who had discovered the real method through which we can exactly translate the meaning of dream messages.

The speculation of the content of the psyche though dreams is like a surgical operation in the psyche, since the dreamer sees what is inside his psyche.

Carl Jung didn’t know exactly what existed in the ignored part of the brain and psyche of the human being, but he didn’t want to continue investigating further because he was afraid of craziness.

He was correct, because beyond the point that he stopped, there is only schizophrenia. I had to face it, without losing my conscience.

So, if I could pass through such a serious and dangerous experience based on the interpretation of my dreams, you can be sure that this interpretation really translates the meaning of the dream messages, providing everyone real information and help.

However, the most important fact is that the exact translation of the dreams is pure psychotherapy and that in the end, the book I started writing in order to prove to the world what the unique correct method for the translation of dream messages is, stopped having this meaning. It became craziness prevention.

I had to change the meaning of my book, because it was important not to prove to the world that only this method exactly translates the dream messages, but to save the human race from craziness thanks to the exact translation of dream messages.

I had to stop writing and to cure many people, helping them face the most horrible problems and situations, like suicide and murder. I had to provide psychotherapy for many years to certain patients that could not be cured. I had to pass through all the despair of my patients, helping them as if I was a member of their family.

This is why the accurate translation of the dream messages through the scientific method discovered by Jung and simplified by me – who could see what was essential and apply this knowledge in practice for many years in many different cases – can cure all existing mental illnesses, besides curing physical diseases.

The truth is that the method that I present to the world today is far superior even than the method of my mentor, because he was a beginner and I was the one who continued his research, discovering the real reason why the unconscious mind sends us so many dream messages, and defining clearly the meaning of all the dream symbols that for Jung were obscure.

You may want to learn about the meaning of your dreams only because you want to be able to predict the future or learn if your girlfriend/boyfriend really loves you, however first of all the unconscious mind is going to cure your psychological problems and only then you will start seeing previsions in your dreams.

However, the information you can have about the person you love is direct, immediate and very clear. The unconscious mind gives too much importance to love and all human relationships, because the wild conscience uses love in order to imprison the human conscience in the labyrinth of craziness.

Serious deceptions and tragic fates in love are the first reason why a person completely loses their human conscience, because with the conscious despair the wild anti-conscience can invade completely the human part and destroy it.

The unique method that exactly translates the dream messages is the only one that you can trust and the only one that can protect you from the anti-conscience, giving you health, peace and happiness, by helping you face all the problems of your life and succeed in the end, besides correcting all the mistakes of your personality.

You are one-sided and you don’t use the biggest part of your brain, because it belongs to the anti-conscience. So, you make many mistakes in life. However, you believe that you are intelligent and you feel offended if someone tells you that you are crazy…

If you want to be realistic however, and really be happy in your life, you must admit that you need psychotherapy, because you inherited too much absurdity in your brain.

This is not your fault. You have an animal part that has to be developed.

Start learning how to interpret your dreams, so that your human conscience will be developed, and this way the dangerous wild part will be eliminated for good.

If you are smart and sensitive, I’m sure that you are going to feel very sad and shocked to discover that you inherited so much absurdity in your brain and you need psychotherapy…

If you are smart, you won’t ignore my warning and you’ll care about the meaning of your dreams with sobriety, trying urgently to eliminate the wild anti-conscience that tries to destroy your human side.

Be smart and acquire real wisdom, after being cured and transformed into a real human being, thanks to the interpretation of your dreams with the miraculous method that exactly translates their mysterious meaning!

The dream messages are pure medicine, and will help you acquire and keep your mental health for life, besides giving you all the information and counselling that you desire.

Prevent Depression and Craziness through the scientific method of Dream Interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by Christina Sponias, a writer who continued Jung’s research in the unknown region of the human psychic sphere.

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